P-Square Medical Ltd is a privately held company and was established to develop its patented method and technology into commercial products which would address the existing difficulties associated with clinical diagnoses of urination disorders.

P-Square has developed its Dynamic Urine Vibration “Halter” (DUVH) in order to meet this obvious market need. The DUVH is cost-effective and user-friendly, and is designed for use by the patient at home, enabling continuous monitoring and multiple measurements. It will provide the medical team and the patient with accurate information, allowing correct diagnoses and thereby avoiding incorrect treatment and redundant costs. We believe, it will answer the medical market need and introduce a fundamental change and contribution to the diagnosis and subsequent treatment of urination associated problems.

Direct and indirect annual costs to the private sector related to BPH treatment are estimated to over $4billion in the US alone. The medical need for the DUVH system is not in doubt, and the market potential for a solution of this type is unlimited. 

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